Icing sheets are not really paper at all but thin layers of fondant that have been pressed onto a flexible plastic backing. Icing sheets are the preferred form of “edible paper”for use on cakes. Edible images printed onto Icing sheets will have more vibrant color and crisper lines than those printed on Rice paper. Buttercream is the best frosting to use with Icing sheets. Icing sheets can also be used with non-dairy whipped topping, fondant, marzipan, royal icing, chocolate and even on poured icings like ganache.

Icing sheets should be stored tightly sealed in a heavy zip-loc bag to prevent them from drying out. Store flat out of direct light. Icing sheets do not need to be refrigerated. They have a shelf life of one year.

Icing sheets can be printed in advance and then stored in a large, heavy duty zip-loc bag. Leave the plastic backing on until ready to use. Store flat out of direct light. As with other food colorings, edible images can fade if overexposed to UV light.

Do not remove the plastic backing until you are ready to use. If cutting out an image, do that while the Icing sheet is still on the plastic backing. Use a pair of clean sharp scissors. Carefully remove the Icing sheet from the plastic backing and apply it to the frosted cake by lowering the Icing sheet down onto the cake from the middle outward, carefully and gently smoothing with either your hand or a small roller.

Icing sheets are easily removed from the plastic backing, with your finger nail just peel off from one corner, if you have problems with removing it, place the icing sheet in the freezer for 10 mins.