• Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling the image. If cake is frozen, thaw slightly before applying the icing. Edible Images need moisture to blend into a product.
  • If your product is dry, spray a SLIGHT mist of water, brush on simple syrup, or add a small amount of icing to your product (NOT the image) before applying image so it will adhere to your product. If your product is moist, DO NOT add any extra moisture. Using too much water may cause colours to run.
  • Edible Images cannot be moved once applied. Plan where you will place the image, then apply the image face up onto your product. After application, gently tap the image down with fingertips starting from the centre of the image and smoothing out to the edges.
  • If the image becomes moist or difficult to remove from the backing sheet, it can be placed in the freezer for a couple of minutes, after which the image will usually peel easily.
  • If the image bubbles after application, GENTLY TAP (do not rub) the image. If the decorated cake is frozen, thaw slowly, preferably in a refrigerator. Avoid extensive exposure to ultraviolet lighting. As with any food colouring, the image may fade over time.
  • If the image bubbles during freezing, GENTLY TAP (do not rub) the image.

Storage and Handling

  • Store Edible Images in the original grip seal bag in a cool, dry location.
  • Use Edible Image immediately after removing it from the bag.
  • Store your finished product decorated with Edible Image as normally required for safe food handling. Edible Images will not affect the shelf life of your product and are freezer, refrigerator and shelf stable.

Application Tips by Product


Apply the Edible Image right after icing the cake. Buttercream icings will form a thin crust about an hour after they have been applied. If buttercream has formed a crust, spray with a fine mist of water before applying the image.

Royal Icing

Add a generous mist of water over royal icing before applying the Edible Image

Non-Dairy Whipped Topping

DO NOT ADD extra moisture before applying the Edible Image. Keep finished cakes refrigerated to extend shelf life.

Rolled Fondant / Sugar Paste

  • Apply fondant or sugar paste as directed. Plan where you will lay the Edible Image. Then, with a small paintbrush, apply a generous brushing of plain water, but only where your image will lay and then apply your image to this area. Water outside the image area will leave a mark on your fondant. If you do not use enough water, your image will not adhere.
  • Corners and edges can be tapped down with a slightly moist, very small paintbrush.

Poured White Chocolate / Ganache / Baker’s Coatings / Poured Fondants

To apply Edible Image to any poured icings products, simply pour your icing over your product. Then apply the image while the icing is still wet. Be sure to let your product set up on a flat surface so the image will not slide.


Icing Sheet; Starch Malt dextrin, Humectant Glycerol, Sugar, Stabilizers E460i/E414, Dextrose Emulsifiers E435/E491/E471, Food Colour E171, Flavours, Preservative E202, Sucralose, Citric acid

Edible Ink; Water, Ethanol, Carrier solvent: Propylene glycol E1520, Food Colour: Brilliant blue FCF E133, Food Colour: Indigo tine I E132, Food Colour: Azorubine E122, Food Colour: Cochenille red A E124, Food Colour: Tartrazine E102